“Congratulations we are adults!  How are you handling it? Does adulting suck sometimes?”



Relax!  You came to the right place.  Millennial Adulting is a blog to help us adults with real, relevant, and relatable topics.  The purpose is to teach life skills and motivation for us adulting millennials in a real, entertaining, and humorous way!



“Are you someone who has been doing adult things and starting to like it?  You know you are adulting when you start enjoying things that you did not enjoy as a child. Examples include: Picking out furniture from Ikea, eating healthy, turning off your air conditioning to save money, and staying in on a Friday night to watch Netflix! “



This blog was created to help us with issues we actually care about and need in life.  We learned Algebra, Physics, and Calculus in school.  Now that we are adults, does this information matter to us today?  Absolutely not! Why didn’t they teach us Adult 101 class in school?  How about lessons in paying bills, dating, or budgeting groceries!? Are you having trouble being an adult now that it’s up to us to remember due dates, get a job, and do the cooking? Sometimes it feels like we are still kids but we are stuck in an adult body.  There is no turning back! We are adults now!

Adulting is tough! Let’s survive adulthood together!