As I stick my key to the door to my “humble abode”, I think about how keys open all types of doors.  A key to an apartment.  A key to the janitor’s broom closet.  Have you ever been given a key to your boyfriend’s apartment or a key to your job to lock up?  Do you remember how you were handed that key?  The key was given to you because you were able to be trusted.  Trusted to lock up. Trusted to come to the rescue in case of an emergency.  Trusted to not steal all your boyfriend’s stuff…yet? (I don’t condone stealing but let’s be real. It happens!).   Let’s look at 4 ways we can open the doors to success:


My car opens without a key entering the slot.  I stand next to it and push a button.  The car opens.  I push a button. The car starts.  I had an old car for 10 years, saved my butt off and got a new car.  Longtime right! But I tell you what! I didn’t have car payments for 5 of those years so don’t look down on me! I made my pockets fatter every month saving that $400 car note!  I think about success. I would love to have the all the “keys” to success but I would also rather have a “button” to success like my new car.  How wonderful would it be to walk through all the “theoretical” doors of our lives and walk through without a key?

1.  Allow others to open your door:

If we could just open all the doors with ease.  No key needed.  No knocking.  Just open.  Living our lives without out keys can be a way to success.  As women, it is the polite thing for a man to open the door for us.  “Chivalry is dead!” Sometimes. Not all the time.  I had waited at a door once for my date to open the door and he Thanked me.  He said, “Thank you so much for waiting! I love to open doors for women!”  I let him pull out my chair.  He put on all the works on our date.  One of my high school volleyball coaches said that on his first date with his wife, she sat in the car and waited for him to open her car door.  My coach said, “I knew that would be the woman I married that day.”  They did get married and had a few children.  Some women hate it.  Some women want to open the door for themselves and want that respect.  Some women don’t like that helpless feeling that men can put on us.  Feeling like we can’t carry heavy items. Feeling like we can’t do math or think for ourselves. IMHO, I say having a door opened for me, shows me much respect.  For me, it makes me feel like a Queen.  If a man is with me and I stand by the door.  It opens.  I feel like royalty.  What man can say they got power like that?  Men can’t say that.  

Women have a key.  The women key can get doors open without effort.  In reality, many people can help you get to success. Sometimes asking our friends for our job gets us that job.  Sometimes asking our man for a ride, gets us a ride.  Sometimes asking our bosses for a raise, gets us a raise.  People opening doors for us is a very humbling part of life.  It helps us get where we are going.  Then, when we are through the door, we may want to open it for someone else! The choice is yours at that point.  

2. Open the door yourself:

The women key also gives us the choice to open it ourselves.  That’s the beauty of women.  We have all the choices.  I could stand at a hundred doors and wait for a man to open it.  I would not touch 100 handles.  I could also open 100 doors and touch 100 handles.  Both types of women will get through the door.  Both women have the key to opening doors.  A woman who opens the door feels like a BOSS.  Hey, I opened my own door! “How bout dat!” I’m boss lady! Step back! It’s not how the door gets open ladies. The key is to know how to open doors.  

3.  Unlock your door with a key:

If we look, we may find the keys to unlocking many doors.  Obviously, the key to success is not a key at all and sometimes what you want in life is not a door.  What do you want in life?  Is it that dream job at a bank? Is it a man who will hold you when you cry? Is it an LV bag? Is it something as simple as peace and quiet? Is it something difficult like no more arguing with your sister?  

Some of these doors are much harder to open than others.  No matter how long as we wait, a man could never open these types of doors for us.  However, each door in our lives, please remember, has a key.  Find the Key so that we can unlock our doors. Find the button like my car if you like! Search for it.  What we want is never out of our reach.  Did you look hard enough?  Maybe we are looking too hard and maybe we just need to let life happen.  It’s a riddle.  It’s a puzzle for our lives.  We must solve the puzzle and find our keys.  It’s up to us to figure it out. It’s up to us to look until we find our keys.  I lose my keys all the time.  I must look under the couch and sometimes even in the refrigerator.  I always find them though!  Cold and all in the refrigerator next to the milk! Thank God or else the owner of those five doors may just take back their keys and I will have lost their trust.  Trust is a great key because my personal friends and family trust me with the keys to their doors.  Finding our keys will help us unlock our doors. Don’t stop searching until you find the key!

4. Burst through the door with energy and effort:

Sometimes the keys are obvious and with a little hard work, we can burst right through the doors.  When I wanted to be a social worker, I got the 4-year college degree key.  When I wanted to be a waitress, straight out of high school, I filled out the application key. I also cracked jokes with the manager key and got the waitress job.  

When I tried and didn’t give up,  I walked right through the doors I wanted to go through.  When I wanted a new car, I saved my money key.  When I wanted more friends, I used my smile key, my personality key, and my cell phone key to call them.  These solutions are a little more obvious but even waiting four years for my four-year degree, I knew I could burst right through doors at the end of my hard work.  Instead of school, Some people work very hard at their skills and craft.  I met a woman who was the CEO of a photo booth company.  She looked great and well.  Her website was amazing.  Her photos were phenomenal. She obviously put into a lot of work with her photobooth company.   Without a four-year degree, she had a successful company due to her hard work and skill.  I can only imagine the photography equipment costs, the networking, the research, and the tears she had to endure to make her business successful.  It doesn’t come easy ladies. 


 Find your path to the door you want to open and work hard to find the key. Sorry, it takes hard work!  (If you don’t want to work then go back to step #1 where everyone opens doors for you Queen Bee and stay there! No shame or judgment if you got it like that!). We have the keys to success at our fingertips.  It’s all hard work.  It’s all action. It’s all about recognizing the keys in your life and letting either others open the doors for us, unlocking them, opening them for ourselves, or bursting right though.  The choice is ours. If you don’t do anything else I wrote in this post, please do this.  When our doors open, let’s hold our heads up high, and confidently walk right through because we deserve it!

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