How can we live mentally healthy with so much information out there?

Hello, Human! How did us humans live millions of years without University libraries, the scientific method, and the subject of Psychology and mental health?  How did the human race ever survive in the past without Wikipedia? Humans have lived a long time but humans did not have as much information that we have today in respected books and also on the world wide web.  Humans still ate, slept, and had children in the past just the same as today.  We want to live mentally well.  Science these days seems to be attempting to break down a human being to the molecular level to figure out who we are and how we can be mentally well? Do you think science can figure out who you are? In my opinion, no. It is up to the individual to figure out who we are and what our purpose in life will be.  Let us see if we can figure out how we can know who we are despite science constantly asking what we are.  Let us look at how science and psychology view a human person from a biological level. Let’s start with how science views the brain.  

Does science think they can fully figure out the human brain?  

Science breaks down the brain: Brainstem.  Cerebellum.  Cerebrum.  Frontal. Parietal. Temporal. Occipital.

Science has labeled the different parts of the brain.  Do we still understand how the brain works?

Does science think the brain is a mixture of chemicals?

We have all heard of the chemical imbalances of Serotonin of Dopamine.  These are the chemicals that affect our moods.  Without getting too scientific because I am not a scientist anyway: too high in Dopamine and you are manic Too low in Dopamine and you are depressed. Has science really broken down our emotions as easy as that? 

Are our moods really broken down to chemical reactions?   

Has a science book ever truly explained happiness, fear, and anger?  Let’s take a look at  The defines Happy as “the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”.

Does the dictionary definitions make sense to us? True happiness could never be defined this way.  When we look into the eyes of our newborn baby.  When we accomplish our weight loss goals.  When we stare into the eyes of our lovers on the day of our wedding.  Did the definition make sense to explain these sentimental moments? It does not match.  When we have our first kiss did we feel like the dictionary definition : “the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”? No.  Did we call up our friends and say: “that boy kissed me and it felt like a feeling of showing pleasure or contentment.”  We would never say that.  That is nonsense.  We would describe our feeling from our heart.  The way it felt.  The mood.  The gentle touch of the hand that came before the kiss.  We may not say any words to our friends but sit with a big grin on our faces.  Our girlfriends would say we are giddy and over the moon. My first kiss was on a rollercoaster.  I was a late bloomer.  I gotta say it did not feel like “the feeling or showing of pleasure or contentment”.  It did not feel like dopamine rushing to my brain.  It did not feel like serotonin levels stabilizing.  It did not feel like my Frontal Lobe lighting up.   It felt like bliss my soul. It felt like words could not describe.  It felt like young love.  It felt like a cool summer breeze.  It felt like something science could never explain.  It felt like magic.

The statement of “the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment” feels quite dry in comparison to how a first kiss really feels.  However, we all can relate when we tell each other about our first kiss.  We all think back into our heads about our own experiences and remember the joy, the love, and the imagined fireworks that were experienced.  If we have not been kissed, we can still imagine the passion and excitement.  These are universal feelings that we all experience and understand naturally without ever reading a science or psychology book.

How does science describe falling in love?

 Science explains love as a result the famous bonding chemical Oxytocin? describes oxytocin:

“Widely referred to as the love hormone, oxytocin has also been dubbed the hug hormone, cuddle chemical, moral molecule, and the bliss hormone due to its effects on behavior, including its role in love and in female reproductive biological functions in reproduction.” (1)

This is how science defines a hug, a cuddle, and a kiss.  It breaks it down to the chemical reaction of Oxytocin.  That’s it. No magic.  Just Oxytocin.  This is so far removed from how we humans feel when we truly fall in love.

Can our soul be broken down and defined by science?  

I studied Psychology in the University and human behavior is an amazing and incredibly interesting topic.  Humans are fascinating.  There are new discoveries every day.  However, Psychology is very limited to the understanding of the human experience.  How can Psychology break down the human spirit scientifically?  It cannot.  It cannot measure it with the scientific method.  Science lacks the tool to measure the human spirit.

How can we be mentally well despite so much knowledge provided by professionals, family, and friends who only want to help us?

When I have an extremely difficult time in life, I reach out to anyone and everyone for help including professionals and personal people in my life.   In those hard times science, dopamine, oxytocin, and chemical reactions help me not to be depressed but they could never fully save me.  Medications can help but they are only tools for survival.

The secret to being mentally well:

In addition to reaching out, we should reach in.  We must trust our inner selves to know what we want and allow others to help us get there.  Trust ourselves. Then act on our instincts.  Lean on others along the way.  When we begin to suffer in our mental health, we should take a look inward and have hope that we can continue on and that we have everything we need to keep fighting to live.


Psychology, Therapists, and Psychiatrist are helpful.  Please get what you need from them.  However, science cannot explain everything there is to being a person on this Earth.  We may never have all the scientific answers.  Psychiatrist and Psychologists have a library of books on their shelves and they still cannot answer some of the basic questions we all need answered: Why are we here? What are our purposes in life?  How can we be mentally well and live as a person free of mental disease? Let us make sure that despite all the science and knowledge that we are looking inward and finding what we need in the moment for our mental health and wellness.   Don’t get lost in all the terms and definitions and it will help us live in a more fulfilling life. Hello, Human.  Welcome to the human experience.   

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