Have you ever been to Disneyland?

It is a magical place.  Seeing all the little girls dressed as princesses as they dance and sing.  Little girls running with their tiny tennis shoes and fluffy dresses.  Small babies barely walking in their pink mini ballet slippers. What a magical place where girls can all live their dreams of one day being a queen or princess.

Disney Princesses were more than their Flowy Beautiful Dresses

Some true lessons can be learned about being a mature woman from our childhood movies.  Let’s consider, the lovely Jasmine who would not settle for a rich, prideful man.  Cinderella was tormented by her stepfamily but she rose up out of her situation and allowed her prince to find her.  Snow White fled her woodsman killer and showed unconditional love to seven unruly little men. What a group of strong women.  Although beautiful, kind, and innocent, they all cried and through their tears found the strength to fight on.  

No other Queen’s words in the Disney universe were sung over and over in everyone’s head more than Queen, Elsa of “Frozen” when she said, “Let it Go”.  

Queen, Elsa when she said, “Let it Go”.

Now, every child and every adult everywhere were singing this tune in 2013.  “Let it Go! Let it Go!” It rang in everyone’s ears and although catchy and fun, let’s be honest, it frankly got to the point of annoyance.  Now today in 2017, I am remembering those words “Let it Go”.

 Alec Baldwin spoke about remembering songs this year at the 2017 Emmy’s:

“You remember a song, you remember a line from a movie, you remember a play, you remember a book, a painting, a poem.”

This day, I am remembering the song Let it Go.  It is a song to remember in the times when your life weighs you down. We must remember to Let our troubles go.

If we look at Elsa and the Frozen story, we learn five key lessons


1. When overwhelmed, spend some alone time:

Elsa physically removed herself from all her troubles.  She traveled far from town alone.  She said in the lyrics:

“It’s funny how some distance

Makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me

Can’t get to me at all”

She was able to be herself.  She was able to see her full potential apart from judgment or fear from others or even from herself.  As she sat in her tower of ice, she appeared sad but happy to be apart from others, to learn her power, and to not be a bother to anyone.  When Elsa’s sister, Ana, came looking for her, she turned away as she figured she is better alone. We can do this today.  We can turn off our phones.  We can sit in our rooms.  We can go to the park.  We all have that one place where no one is that we can be alone.  As gross as it sounds, my place that I know no one will bother me is the bathroom. Even if I am at a department store, I know that I’ll at least have a small stall to myself.  Sometimes mother’s don’t even get a chance to use the bathroom alone but we still must find some place to get alone time, even if for a few minutes.

2. Don’t be afraid to be yourself:

Remembering the lyrics to Let it Go, Elsa sings:

“Don’t let them in,

don’t let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don’t feel,

Don’t let them know

Well now they know”

There was no more hiding her power.  Everyone in the kingdom was afraid of her power.  It was not what she wanted but this was who she was.  A powerful woman with a powerful and potentially dangerous gift.  

In the song by the same title, “Let it go” by James Bay the song lyric says,

“Why don’t you be you and I’ll be me.”

In letting it go, we must be ourselves no matter how scary it is or how afraid others are of us.  As we come into our own unique power, whether we are good at public speaking, cooking, leadership, makeup, dancing, finance, school, arts and crafts, etc. ect.. We must remember to be bold and unashamed of who we are.

3. Be unapologetically you, despite criticism:  

As Elsa says in the song:

“Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care

what they’re going to say

Let the storm rage on.”

Some people are already so bold that they say to themselves and their friends: “Haters gonna hate!”   Even Taylor Swift took the slang and made her own song called “Shake it off”:

“Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake”  

What do you think Jay Z meant when he wrote the song “Dirt off your shoulder”?  In his lyrics:

“Go and brush your shoulders off…don’t forget that boy told you

Get, that, dirt off your shoulder.”

As far apart the backgrounds of Taylor Swift and Jay Z, they have the same message in both sets of lyrics.  Do not care what people think, Haters hate, so just dust your shoulders off.  We have to remember to keep going no matter how much hate we attract.  Jealousy exists in this world.  Sometimes in the most unexpected places. Elsa’s sister, Ana of Frozen had to face this fact.  When her prince and fiancee, Hans, betrayed her and tried to kill her to take the throne. Ana learned a hard lesson: “Haters are gonna Hate.” People will try to steal what is yours.

 People will backstab you and try to take what you have.  People will be jealous of your unique gifts.  People will betray you and people will let you down. This is not a warning for you to hate people. It is a warning for us to continue to be the best that we can be despite people’s opinions whether negative or positive.  Let other people’s opinions go and be unapologetically you.  Let it Go.  

4.  Don’t be too cold to people or you will end up alone:

Once, Elsa freed herself from the opinions of loved ones and enemies she was able to become who she knew she always was: An ICE QUEEN. It may be a nice thought to have unlimited ice powers but being an Ice Queen in complete solitude is a hard way to live.  

Also, having a heart of ice is no way to live.  Elsa struck her sister with ice and it was the ice reaching her heart that eventually froze her whole body ice rock solid.  Having a heart of ice is no way to live when we talk about being around people.  If your heart is ice, your world will be frozen like Elsa’s and you will live in your own icy castle alone.  If we live our lives snapping at people and being rude then we may not have many friends or family left.  If being alone is your goal, then yell and curse out everyone.  However, it is easier to live with friends and family by your side.  Friends and family can be a great support in life when you get down.

5. Be warm to people:

As Elsa learned to control her power, it was love that freed her sister, Ana, from the prison of ice forever.  Let’s also remember, it was love that saved Snow White from eternal slumber.  It was love that saved Cinderella from a life of torment and poverty.  It was love that saved Jasmine from her life of slavery to a man she hated. Elsa’s love for her sister, Ana was what warmed her sister’s heart.  Elsa also learned a valuable lesson.  Elsa learned to control her power with love.  It is with love that we control our power. It is with love, humility, and grace that we share our unique gifts with the world. If you are going to dance, sing, rap, or act and be the best at your craft, what good would it do you if you made it to the top with no friends?  How would you make it to the top with no friends? How would you even enjoy the top with no friends or family?

 Let us be sure as we gain skills and trades that we remember to be humble and love our friends, families, and even dare I say our Haters, AKA our enemies.  Maya Angelo said it best about being warm to people:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  


We are all Disney princesses with all the beauty and power within.  We are all still the little girls at Disneyland dancing and singing in our princes’ dresses.  It’s just that now our princes’ dresses have turned to business suits, football jerseys, and nurse scrubs.  Our ballet flats to high heels, Converse sneakers, and….well, sometimes still ballet flats.  So be like Elsa. Let other people’s expectations go.  Let it Go and be free to be you.  Always remember to do so with love and humility because people will remember if you were an Ice Queen or if you warmed their hearts with love and kindness like Queen, Elsa.

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