I walked into the bank today in sandals and jeans.  I know that I look about five years younger than my age and I do not appear like I have much.  Little does anyone know that I have a secret.  I take extra care of my finances.  I work to have a bit of savings and very good credit.  My credit is higher than 700. All I do is pay my bills on time 100% of the time for the last few decades.  Easier said than done, I know, but I took it upon myself to never live above my means.  I developed incredible self-control to not shop.  And the hardest one, I resist buying things to solely impress my friends.  I didn’t have the latest clothes or purses when I was in my early 20s but hell, I had savings in the bank.  People would look down at me like I didn’t have anything but I knew in my mind that secretly and quietly I had a big number in the bank.  I am not one to announce my wealth to anyone.  I hold my cards close.

Good credit was not something that happened overnight.  This was something I aspired to be like since I was in high school.  My mother lectured me time and time again that I must never get into credit card debt and that I must let the credit card system work for me and not the other way around.  I had no idea how important credit would be while Adulting.  Thank God that I followed my mother’s instructions and I have excellent credit even as a Millennial Adult.

Therefore, I walked into the bank today confident but quiet about my status.  I am very low key with what I have because I like to see how people treat me without being flashy.  If someone looks down on me because I walked in the bank with sandals than I know that the person has low character.  The person is weak in my eyes because this person easily misjudged a book by its cover.

A sweet older Latina woman in her 50s helped me open some credit cards and a checking and savings account.  I had never banked with this bank before so I wanted to see how the bank treats me and how things work for this bank.  I was testing out the bank to see if I should use this bank for my savings.

The more information that I provided the sweet woman, the more excited she got.  At first, she cordially nodded her head and smiled to answer my questions. At first, she said I probably would wait for 7 – 10 business days to get approved for the credit card application.  I could tell that she did not expect much from me.  As the credit applications began and she asked me personal finance questions her attitude started to change.  When she learned about my high credit score her eyes got bigger.  I was instantly approved for both cards with a snap of the finger or more literally one click of a button.  There was no 7-10  business day wait for me!  It is no surprise to me because I take good care of my credit.  I like to save instead of spend.  I sat back in her chair relaxed as this sweet banker woman’s excitement grew.  She began typing faster and running back and forth from her desk to the printer to make me happy.  I had to even tell her not to run because of me.

The sweet banker lady was very excited that I opened up everything that I did so fast.  This  banker woman was giving me a hug by the end of the transaction, giving me her card, and practically begging me to make her a personal banker.  The woman brought her assistant manager over to explain more questions that I had.  I told the assistant manager that the woman banker had explained everything so well.  I wanted to give the woman a good recommendation to her manager at least because she was so kind.  After the assistant, manager helped me,  I told her I appreciated her help, and thank you for her services before I left to go home.

When I got home, I realized that I forgot to get a $100 promotional offer for the credit card.  I called the woman back who wanted to be my “personal” banker.  I told her I want the bonus for being a new customer.  At first, she told me that she cannot because it’s already done and I should have signed up online if I wanted the bonus.  “YEAH RIGHT,” I said in my head.  I told her, “Do I have to cancel all my cards for me to get the bonus?”  In my head, I know that she does not want to lose my commission or bonus for all the accounts I opened and I know she gave me a BS answer to scare me off.

Wake up ladies, we know that we can open accounts and close them just as fast.  We are the consumer after all and it is our accounts.  SURE SWEET LADY!  Don’t play me nice lady who was just giving me a “hug” as if we were friends when I was helping your job by opening up accounts. LOL.

When I mentioned closing my accounts, she quickly turned her attitude around, she said ok well since you are “aware” of the offer then I will put in the request and I will work hard for you.  Stay woke people!  Only after I “knew” about a promotion then she was able to try to get it for me. Therefore, if I don’t “know” about something then I will not get it.  Remember banks do not want to give you money but don’t be afraid to ask for something that you should get as a customer.  I will keep you posted if the “sweet woman banker” got me the $100 bonus offer like she said. Update! I ended up getting $150! Read here!

It goes to show that in this world, no matter how we fight it.  No matter how we say that  the inside counts, the world runs on money and dollars.  If  our wallet is small and our credit is small, then the bank will not respect us as well.  It’s just truth.  We should strive to be good keepers of our money and good stuarts of our credit.  We need to understand that the world runs on money and credit.


If you have messed up your credit, do what my mother always says, “Make a U-turn”.  There is always another day.  Work slowly and diligently to get your credit score up.  Research how to get it up.   If you have done well like me then I applaud you.  Now, all you need to do is help your girlfriends understand how they can also get good credit too.  Or not, it’s your prerogative.  I aspire all women to get like me and get in good standing with their credit and have a bit of savings.  That way we can all have the royal experience like I had today:  Bankers giving us hugs and begging us for business. Please Remember:  Let the bank work for us…not us getting “worked” by the bank.


Keep in mind, I am a regular person with no accredited financial training and I am not qualified to provide financial advice.  This blog post is from an average/ layperson’s understanding.  Please double check me and do your own research when it comes to your wallet.  Thank you.

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