Now, that we are full on adulting, it’s time to get to work.  When we first start working as a young adult, it seems like we have so much energy. We are enthused by every memo, email, meeting and ready to take on so many challenges.  It’s like we have so many ideas that come spitting out of our mouths.  I bet with our enthusiasm, passion, and effort, we can change this company for the better in a matter of a few months! Right? Wrong!

Don’t waste energy trying to change everything immediately:

We often forget that this company has been here for potentially decades and it’s not changing anytime soon.  People like us have come and gone thinking they can improve efficiency with their ideas but the change is so slow moving that their motivation just runs out.

One of the biggest lessons that we can learn about working is to not overly invest all your energy into fixing all of the problems at our companies. That is unless it is our company to have the power to change make an immediate big change.  Yes.  Of course, we can speak up, protests, unionize, and all these great things but most of the time, we will be sitting quietly observing the mess that management makes.

Don’t waste energy getting mad at Nepotism and other unfair hiring practices:

One of the biggest complaints that I usually hear is that a company is hiring friends, family, and those less qualified and overlooking loyal employees who are way more qualified.  This is called Nepotism.  Sometimes it seems the higher ups rather fill a position than promoting someone and train for our positions.  Sometimes disaster ensues because that person just has no idea what they are doing.

We can tell our boss, hey, we probably should not do “such and such” but then, of course, the boss does that exact same thing we just said not to do. After all, we have been there longer, but they think they know better cause they are in charge or they came from somewhere else that did it that way.

Sometimes it feels that the people at the top have no idea what the middle and the bottom are doing.  While the bottom is watching things unfold like dominos slowly falling one after the other and we see a big mess being made.

Don’t waste energy being mad at how the system of the business is run:

“Hey excuse me, boss! You do understand that your way of doing things is making things 100x harder and 10x longer!”  “Why do we have to CC: 10 people on this email when the person we need the information from me is sitting right next to me.”  “Another meeting? I honestly don’t think we need an hour-long meeting when a simple memo would do.”  “Why do you have me write a full report if you are not going to read it and you are just going to ask us about in person. You will ask us 100 questions that we already answered” Unfortunately, these are the things they do at the top.

We could speak up but sometimes, it would just go past their heads

So really there is nothing to do.  No one is going to protest all these frivolous things that happen every day at work.  It’s all these small things, how can we really get them to understand all of it?

We probably would never call a strike for the reason that our bosses don’t read emails and they just ask you in person.  It’s annoying but that’s just so much effort and such a big reaction to something so small.  If they don’t listen when we bring it to their attention, what more can we do?  So you just live with it.  Watching everything unfold into disaster at times.  They never seem to learn their lessons either.

The Secret Mantra to save your energy:

That’s why this simple mantra works so well, “I just work here.”  That’s all we have to say and it just makes everything so clear!  It releases all our energy and frustration from having responsibility for all that’s going on to say, “Hey just pay me okay?” — “As long as this place doesn’t explode, I’m going to keep doing this unnecessary paperwork.  Clocking out 9 to 5 and 9 to 5 over and over again.  Until I get bored and work somewhere else with similar annoyances.”

Why did they plan an important meeting right before a holiday when they knew everyone would be out of town? Just say! “I don’t know? I just work here.” “Why is every email marked a priority so that nothing ever gets done?”  “I really don’t’ know, I just work here.” It really solves everything.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a passion for your work

When things really start to affect us (and especially our wallets), then we better speak up.  We should even strike or protest on really really important things like workers rights!  In fact, we should often speak up and suggest changes. However, we probably know by now that we just don’t have that much power to change the whole entire system very fast.

So we should enjoy what we do and if we are so inspired, we can take on a business of our own that we can run.  A business, we can control.  We will get to fix all those issues and run things how we want. We should absolutely climb the latter and try to affect change.  We should work as hard as we can on the things at work that we can control. We should use our energy on the things we can control. We should use our energy and motivation on learning our skills. We should not waste our energy complaining about how the company is run.  Keep hope.  Maybe, when we get up to management positions we can affect major change.

Until then, let’s sit back and relax because the pressure is off of us. It’s our bosses that have to worry about funding, investments, sales, and stock prices anyway.  Let them stress and sweat over all of it.  That’s why they get paid the big bucks.  All that anxiety-inducing stuff is not our problem because after all, we just work here.

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