Christmas is just around the corner.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas without pulling out the red stockings, the green pillows, and the red flannel blankets. We all have a special box that just waits until this time of year to unpack. The CHRISTMAS BOX! Hopefully, last year we carefully wrapped the lights so that it’s not a tangled mess! Let’s face it we never do!  Well, before you begin the yearly tradition of untangling lights, setting up the tree, putting on ornaments, and wrapping presents, we may want to see if there are any more fun items to set the Christmas mood of cheer.  Here is a list of ten Christmas home decor items to make your home more cheery this holiday!

1. Flameless Candles

Flameless candles flicker like real candles and set the winter twilight mood.  No fears of falling asleep with a candle burning.  Just relax and watch the shadows dance.  These Flameless Candles with remote will set the ambiance of a cozy Christmas winter night.

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2. Window Curtain Lights

If you want to add a bit more sparkle. Try these star lights that hang from the curtains.  A little more unique than the typical Christmas lights.  These are a nice touch for the home.  I’m loving that our neighbors can see these lights through the curtains as well, adding a little twinkle to our outdoor decor.

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3. A Long Christmas Garland

A 9-foot garland for that pine look with festive lights.  A Christmas look is not complete without a nice garland draped around the door or across the fireplace.  This can also hang across a large TV stand or bar countertop.  This along with a Christmas tree will add more greenery to the Christmas home decor.

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4. Christmas Banner

A Christmas banner that can hang almost anywhere will get your into the spirit of the season.  A nice unique touch to the living room or dining room.  Also, a great addition for a Christmas Party!

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5.  Santa or Frosty Toilet Covers

I don’t know why these make me so happy! They are silly and fun.  It’s always nice to continue the Christmas decor into the bathroom.  Top it off with a bit of Christmas toilet paper and we’re all set!  Fun for children and for partiers.  It adds some whimsical cheer to your bathroom.

 Click Here for Santa and Click Here for the Snowman

6. Snow Decals

Even if we live in sunny California, like me, Christmas snow can be added to our windows with these decals.  We can put these in the windows and mix with a few Christmas lights!  It will feel like a snowy night and we will want to cuddle up in our favorite flannel blanket.

You can get there here!

7. Reindeer Tea Lights

These are great for a party to give a bit of mood lighting.   Set these up on the mantle or the dinner table.  I love how the reindeer’s back holds the tea lights. So cute!

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8.  A Set of 6 Christmas Table Top Decorations

It’s nice to have some happy Christmas words around the home.  It adds that fun detail and these can be put on several services.  Place one in the kitchen, the coffee table, or even the bathroom.  If you are having a party, it’s great as a part of your centerpieces.  Since you get six, we can actually set these around the home in different locations.

These can be purchased Here!

9. Lighted Christmas Boxes

We don’t all have bundles and bundles of gifts under the table.  These gift boxes can be added under the tree to fill in any empty spaces or set up around the home. They add a bit of lighting to the Christmas ambiance.  Super cute for Christmas lighting and decor!

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10. Christmas Pillows

Pillows are so easy and fun to set up on the couches, chairs, and bed.  They can be set out so easily and add to the Christmas fun.  The pillows will add to the cozy touch since we will be inside a little more due to the weather these days.  I love sitting out different ones around the home and I don’t feel the need to match them perfectly.

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As we get into the Christmas mood, let’s have fun unboxing the Christmas box!  Personally, I enjoy setting up the home with a friend or boyfriend.  The memories I get from setting everything up with someone else is priceless.  This weekend I set up my tree and put Youtube to the fireplace video with Christmas songs (Yes I am corny like that!)  After my sister helped me set up everything, we sat and stared at the tree.  It was warming our hearts and we just sat for a good while in silence.  We had a bit of chamomile tea and enjoyed the moment.  It’s what the season is about: Loving memories and warm hearts.Christmas Tree and Fireplace

My Christmas tree and “fireplace” above.

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Thinking about getting any of these items? Are there any Christmas home decor items that you put out every year? Let me know in the comments.

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