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Be honest. How often have you used the phrase “No sorry, I can’t afford it!” within the last month? I used to hate people telling me “you’re young and therefore have to start saving up money for the future!” as it made me feel all nervous and overwhelmed. WHERE DO YOU EVEN START?!

But actually it’s way easier than I’d ever expected. If you sit down and reflect on how much money you spend on mundane things which in reality you really don’t need, it will blow your mind. It most certainly is no secret that we live in a society which loves to spend money in order to feel better about themselves but do we really have to? In this post I’ll let you in on some tips which definitely made me stop (or reduce) spending money on things and services I don’t necessarily need.

Paying with cash

Let’s start with a real game changer. Credit cards can be perilous. Why you ask? Well, they make you lose sight of how much money you’ve already spent that day, week or month and make you forget that you’re actually anything else but a rich twenty-something year old. Think about it. Imagine leaving your credit card at home while going on a shopping spree only taking cash with you. Once you’ve spent all your money it’s gone. Pretty simple and self-explanatory, right? So next time you go shopping, to the cinema or wherever, leave your credit card at home and only take the amount of money you’re not only willing to but actually can spend. It’ll change your life!

Takeaway coffees

Correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe that takeaway coffees get glamorized on social media. Nevertheless, I love a takeaway coffee and its convenience. But next time you contemplate purchasing one ask yourself: “Am I buying this coffee (or any other beverage) because I want to or because I was influenced by social media that it’s cool to carry a paper cup around with me?” What about taking a tea or coffee with you from home or if you really can’t do without your favorite takeaway coffee, use a reusable cup as most coffee shops offer a small reduction as soon as you bring your own! (AND on top of that it‘s less wasteful for the environment. Double YAY!)

Gym membership

Ah the good old gym membership. You saw that coming, didn’t you? How often did you actually go to the gym last month? Did it pay off? Or did you pay more than you actually would have if you paid separately each time you went? Or did you even go?

Gym memberships can easily become a huge waste of money. I know, I know. It keeps you motivated to actually go and work out in the gym. But is it really worth it? There are SO many great channels on YouTube which are just as effective and completely free!! Plus, you’re not going to spend any money on transport to even get to the gym!

Beauty treatments

We get told on social media that it’s totally fine and normal to get your hair done, your nails done or have a facial every fortnight or month. But do we really have to? Ask yourself one question (and answer it truthfully): how much has that facial really changed your skin (in the long run)? Or could you eventually buy that nail colour you always choose in the salon in your local drugstore? Saying no to too many beauty treatments will definitely save you a lot of money!

“Treat Yourself”

Who actually came up with the rule that as soon as you want to treat yourself you have to spend a ridiculously high amount of money? All it clearly does is leave you with an ever so growing feeling of guilt afterwards. Why not take a nap, have a really long bubble bath or go for a walk with a friend instead? Your bank account (and you) will thank you later.

So there you have it. 5 easy ways to stop your bank account from being empty. Do you guys agree/disagree with any of those tips? What is one thing you could easily avoid buying and save some serious money?


Thank you so much to Teri, for allowing me the opportunity to write a blog post for Millennial Adulting. It was so much fun exploring a new niche and sharing tips on how you can easily avoid an empty bank account!

If you are interested in what Teri wrote for my blog, head over to Malenablogs to find out more!

And to finish up this post I’d like to share a quote with you I’ve read the other day and it made me think A LOT about my spending habits:

“Just because you can afford something, doesn’t mean you have to buy it.”

This is a guest post by Malena at Malenablogs. About Malena: I am a 21 year old living in Austria currently trying to figure out what she wants in life. On this blog you will find all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion hoping to inspire people to embrace the way they are.” Check her out!

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