I had the honor of being nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much Savannah at MotherhoodTenMinutesAtATime for the nomination.  She is a proud wife and mother of six children.  Check her and her husband’s blog out! They have such great information about cultivating a happy family through love and purpose.

Award Rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you for the award
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers
  • Share seven things about yourself in your blog post.

7 Things About me!

1. My Faith is close to my Heart

I’m not preachy or even the best at attending church every Sunday. However, I have a long history of attending Christian private school Elementary through high school and I even graduated from BIOLA University.  BIOLA is coined the Bible Capital of the World.  My Bible knowledge and Theological education is strong. With all my knowledge, I don’t make me subscribe that the Bible and religion is this rigid ceremonial strict doctrine.  I hold true to my heart the grand theme that I feel the Bible and Christianity teaches. The greatest ideas I value are loving other people, helping those in need, and giving back to society.

2. Love for my City

Seriously, I love living in southern California in Los Angeles.  There is seriously so much to do here.   I am only a short drive from the warm beaches or a snowy mountain. I can spend time at a tranquil hike in the morning and then party in the Hollywood nightlife.  With the array of cultures, there are always opportunities to eat fresh authentic foods. We have museums, yoga, festivals, art shows, conventions, and anything your heart can dream.  This is all under the understanding that it will be a cool 75 degrees 99% of the time. It is never a dull moment here and I have no reason to ever leave. To top it all off, we have Disneyland. So enough said! 

3. My Pets

I have two parakeets.  One is blue named Sky and the other is green named Sprite.  I have had Sprite for almost 10 years. Sky was a replacement for my other parakeet who died after 8 years.  Sprite needed a companion because parakeets are social creatures so I got Sky about a year ago! They are messy and noisy but I just love to watch them hop and sing!  I also have a blue beta fish named pumpkin! He doesn’t do much but he’s pretty.

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4.  Lived a Tragedy

Unfortunately, I have lived a tragedy where my best friend was shot by gang members in Los Angeles.  My best friend was a Catholic school kindergarten teacher and she roomed at BIOLA university with me.  Shorty after having dinner with me, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time when she was killed 9 years ago.  Having about a thousand people attend her funeral when she was only in her 20s, astounded me just how many lives she touched.  Now, her bright smile, infectious laugh, and illuminating spirit shines within my heart. From her, I learned to enjoy life to the fullest, treat others with kindness, and don’t ever be afraid to live your greatest dreams.  These lessons have never been forgotten from my bestie.

5.  Gamer Girl

Since I was four years old, I could not put the controller down! It’s my way to escape to a new world and get my pent up aggression out in some good ol’ competition! Hey, it’s a competitive e-sport now!  I have owned almost every video game system since systems from Colecovision, to NES, to gameboy. I even purchased a Super Nintendo at 10 years old with a bag of coins and quarters.  That Toys R Us employee was not happy! Today, I enjoy the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. My boyfriend loves that I like video games but he’s not as enthusiastic that I beat him most of the time!

6.  Travel Seeker

A few years ago, I told myself that I wanted to do an international trip once a year.  Even though I don’t have all the money in the world, I am making traveling a priority. Amazing experiences like ATV riding and cave swimming in the DR, seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, eating fresh sushi in the Tokyo fish market, seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, riding Elephants in Phuket, and traveling up the Eiffel Tower are some of the many memories I will never forget in a lifetime.  My next dream destination in New Zealand and Australia.

7.  Undercover Comedian

I love being funny! It’s such a fun thing to say a witty comment and have the entire room of friends busting out in laughter.  Being quick witted and humorous is a big part of me in my everyday life. Laughing is the best feeling and I also love to bring that out in others.  My brother, who has my funny bone, often crack jokes with me, we write stand up jokes, and write funny skits together just for fun. I actually created a Vine channel a couple of years ago.  I made over 100 videos and gained over 600,000 views across my channel. It was such a humbling experience to have people say they were “fans” who liked my humor. It was the first time anyone outside my family gave me actual praise for my comedy.  Since Vine shut down, I save all my videos on Youtube: ChrryTeri. It was fun and I am learning to use more humor with writing for this blog.

My 15 Nominees

Thank you for having incredible blogs! Keep it up!  


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I want to give a special thanks to Aditya, as I was nominated again by him on 2/20/19! Find him at https://seekingmyutopia.com



I feel so proud to have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you again MotherhoodTenMinutesAtATime. I started this blog with out any knowledge that any one would ever read my work.  It’s so exciting knowing that others enjoy reading about life skills for young adults and that I have made friends through blogging.  So now I have given you guys a little taste of who I am.  I’m looking forward to learning more about you nominees as well! I had no idea that I was joining such an incredible and supportive community.  I can’t wait for what the future holds for all of us.

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