“Let’s take a break”. This word has been a nightmare for every relationship. However, I personally think that it’s not wrong for you to take a break in your relationship.

Taking a break can save a relationship in trouble or make a good relationship even better in the right circumstances. But it’s often thought of as the escape for a coward, a way to break up without actually facing what you’re doing.

Independence is good for a relationship. Not only in the sense that you should have your own hobbies and your own friends, but also because your partner sometimes just needs a break.

That’s okay. In reality, take a break can keep your relationship healthy and happy.

When You Should Take A Break?

Taking a break in the most basic sense means you and your partner have not officially broken up but you have decided to take some time off each other and your relationship.

Most couples decide to take a break because they face some challenges or doubts about relationships, but they don’t want to break up or give up on the relationship.

For example, maybe you and your partner care deeply about each other, but you just can’t seem to stop fighting and arguing over every single thing.

Or maybe you’re slightly unsure of your true feelings toward your partner in terms of a real future together, but you’re still hoping there might be something between you two.

Taking time off allows you to re-evaluate the space you need to know what’s best for you, your partner, and your relationship. And give you the time alone to figure out what exactly you want.

Is Taking A Break Right For Your Relationship?

If you’re wondering if taking a break is the right decision for you, it’s important that both of you communicate about it openly and honestly. After that, set some ground rules that are necessary.

First, it is imperative that you set a specific time frame together as to how long the break will last. If you are heading into the break wanting it to last a week.

But your partner believes it will last for at least a month. This lack of agreement is likely to cause problems down the road.

Next, you will decide between each other on what is acceptable behavior and what is not while you are on break. For example, are you both agree if one of you date other people while you’re apart?

And thirdly, you and your partner should be on the same page regarding the reasons behind the break and what you’re hoping to achieve out of it.

In this way, you are more likely to have a successful break that allows both of you to find yourself as well as to find out what you really want as a couple.

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Why Taking A Break Is Important In Relationship?

Taking a break is a temporary chance for people in a relationship to explore what it feels for not being together, spend time on personal growth and take a distant look at their relationships.

Most couples think that a healthy relationship means always being together, but that is not true.

There are many problems that can lead to a break in the relationship, even if you both really love each other, and it is extremely important to realize that a break is not a bad idea.

It does not mean you’re going to break up. A break from a relationship can even strengthen your relationship. Take a look at some great benefits if you are taking a break from your relationship.

1# Give a chance for both of you to miss each other

Allow yourself and your partner the chance of missing each other. Remember the saying absence makes the foundry heart grow. Often, we forget why we fell in love with each other and time apart will help you understand why you were with them.

However, if you realize during this time apart that you hardly miss your partner, it may sadly be a clear sign that you are no longer a good fit for each other.

You can always get comfortable when you are in a relationship for a while. Comfort in a relationship isn’t bad, but do you really think you’re going to miss your partner during the break? Did you feel happy about the break? These are all things you need to ask yourself!

2# Rekindle the spark

Sometimes, you need a break to get the spark back. Both time and distance can refuel each other’s love and longing, and make you want each other again.

Keep in mind, it’s normal for people to go through cycles of lesser and lesser intimacy in long-term relationships, having a break will help you get out of that slump relationship and rekindle the spark you had when you first started dating.

It’s not surprising that the spark may have disappeared because of everything previously mentioned in this post.

Taking a break could let you know how much you want to be with your partner, and you’ll feel like new again when you get back together. On the other hand, you can try to get your partner up to date again which can also rekindle the spark.

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3# Help figure things out

Remember there is a reason for this break. Taking a break will help you figure things out and make sense of all the mixed emotions and feelings you have.

Sit down and ask yourself why you are upset with the relationship, or your friend. Make a list of the features you love about your partner.

First, remember why you fell in love. Also, take the time to understand and take responsibility for the part you may have played in any relationship problems and ask why you may have acted in some way.

Unfortunately, maybe you thought about breaking up with your partner. If that’s so, then a break could help you figure out what to do about it.

The sad truth is that you may feel that ending the relationship is better for you. But you also may realize, that is the last thing you want.

4# Taking a break can save your relationship

As mentioned, while taking a break may seem to be just a gateway to breaking up, it’s not. Breaks can save a relationship.

If you have neglected your partner can help you remember what you are missing when you’re apart. It also can make you realize. It means you can patch up your relationship issues and make you a better couple.

Remember that it always comes with risks before you go on a break. Your partner might decide not to be with you or is trying to approach other people.

If you’re considering going on a break, its better if you slow talk with your partner before deciding.

Also, if you’re the person who didn’t start the break, don’t spend your time in the relationship crying and wondering what you’ve done wrong.

Even if you should allow yourself to feel whatever your feeling, try not to get stuck in sadness. You need to learn how to let go of someone you love for your sake of happiness.

Devote time to yourself, and think about your own needs, and ask yourself if the relationship meets your needs. You deserve happiness too.

Remember, if it doesn’t work out, it might not have been meant to be and whatever happens you’re going to be fine.

5# Both of you can feel calmer

Relationships can be full of chaos and passion. Passion is necessary but it can wear you out.

A break is mean to calm down, gather yourself and chill out can prevent things from burning too brightly. This is one of those occasions when a break from a relationship is really helpful.

6# Know your real feelings

If you’re not sure you’re really in love with your partner, then a break from a relationship can be beneficial. As they said, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If your heart starts growing again, you’ll know your feelings are true. If not well, as I said, sooner rather than later it is better to know that.

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7# Learn more about yourself

Relationships can be all-consuming, and you can lose yourself occasionally. Use this time to reconnect and refocus yourself with who you are.

Doing the thing you love or go out with your friends that you hardly ever see. Remember to create personal satisfaction and happiness is up to you and not your partner.

Although during the break you will be reconnecting with yourself, you will also think about what you like, what you don’t like and what you need in a relationship.

This is a great opportunity for you to reconnect with a fresh set of eyes and ears.

Final thought…

Just because you are taking a break from a relationship, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is over. You and your partner might get stronger than before.

A break is generally not about a lack of love unless you have doubts with each other. Even a break might still show you just what you’re missing.

However, if it does lead to a breakup, then it is often better to end things sooner, and more respectful.

Have you ever had a break from a relationship? Let us know what happened and what you discovered in the comments.

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